La Habana / El Corazón

Havana, Cuba

La Habana is the heart of Cuba! Its neighborhood is rich with people, music, and culture.

Havana is a cosmopolitan city, open to different influences.The Spanish and African peoples have left the most visible marks. La Habana is the capital of Cuba. It is also the main port of trade, commerce, including a vibrant cultural center. The city has the largest population in the country and the most populous in the Caribbean. 

The city is filled with merchants, children and parents walking to and from school and work. The sounds of the old and new Cuba fill the Caribbean air. There is no shortage of museums, restaurants, and cafes to enjoy with a vibrant nightlife with bars and clubs. It is an amazing place, I will return again.

Vedado is today the center of the city. Rapidly developed in the 1950s, it is the neighborhood of fashionable offices, shops, restaurants and cafés, nightclubs (its famous cabarets) and large hotels, almost all crowded around the Rampa, that stretch of the street called Calle 23 that from the seafront, the Malecon, goes up the hill. This operation of the cultural heritage is spreading to the rest of the country and makes the trip to Cuba, in addition to the natural beauties, the beaches, its people, remain an unforgettable experience.

The People of La Habana

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